Anarchy Rhythms

Anarchy Rhythms is a hybrid between an effect and a drum machine. It takes an audio input and applies a user-controlled matrix of amplitude modulation, bandpass filtering, feedback loops, internal oscillation and compression.  It allows you to compose rhythmic patterns from the sonic timbre of the input.


  • Pattern editor for composition of rhythmic patterns
  • Mixer to control parameters for each sound
  • Edit pane to specify envelopes for the parameters
  • Collection of preset patterns and sounds
  • Parameter automation using MIDI controllers or VST automation
  • VST Time Information to synchronise with host sequencers
  • Supports non-4/4 time signatures
  • IN, OUT and Wet/Dry sliders keep their state on preset/pattern changes
  • Complies with VST 2.4 standard
  • 32-bit & 64-bit versions for Mac (VST/AU) & PC (VST)

New in version

  • fixed a large window size bug when running in energyXT host

Anarchy Effects

Anarchy Effects is a cross-platform bundle consisting of 5 audio plugins, each of which does a different novel form of frequency domain processing. VST versions now comply to VST 2.4 standard and plugins in different formats are available for both Mac and PC.

Plugins in the bundle:

  • SpectralAutopan – assigns different pan positions to the different component pitches in the input signal. The effect pitch has on pan position is controlled by control points, which can change in pan position and pitch according to LFOs. This adds stereo depth and motion to sounds.
  • Corkscrew – mixes together multiple pitch-shifts of the input signal, increasing or decreasing their pitches in parallel, and fading them in/out at the extremes of their range. This creates the illusion of a sound that seems to continually rise or fall, but doesn’t actually change in average pitch.
  • HarmonicAdder – creates harmonic resonances by pitch shifting the dominant frequencies in your input signal by the various intervals in the harmonic series (octave, octave+fifth, two octaves, two octaves+major third etc). These harmonics can be mixed with the dry input signal to make it more resonant, or used on their own as a new sound.
  • LengthSeparator – bisects the input signal according to the lengths of its component frequencies. Short sounds become the ‘transient’ part, long sounds become the ‘stable’ part. These parts can be isolated (ie the other part removed), or assigned different pan positions to create stereo movement.
  • Convoluter – applies a convolution matrix to the spectral representation of the input signal. This bends the sound along the continuum between pure sine tones and pure noise.


  • Parameter automation using MIDI controllers or VST automation
  • Complies with VST 2.4 standard
  • 32-bit & 64-bit versions for Mac (VST/AU) & PC (VST)

New in version

  • improved graphic performance
  • Spectral Autopan: fixed distortion in low frequency filter
  • Spectral Autopan: various bug fixes

New in version

  • Spectral Autopan: fixed a bug causing distortion for static graphs
  • fixed permission issues for Mac VST plug-ins (hosts unable to enumerate VST plug-ins)

The original versions of plugins on this page were designed by Leighton Hargreaves and Matt Fischer, programmed by Leighton Hargreaves, with artwork by Pete Bullard and Jabulani Robbins, and were released by Anarchy Sound Software. Newer versions are developed by Gatis Ozols and Andrejs Eigus, and released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) with permission granted by Anarchy Sound Software.

Questions, issues, requests? Email us at info(at) or post your comments below.


  1. Andrejs says:

    The mother of Order is back!

  2. manu says:

    Thank you so much !

  3. Dan says:

    sorry i cannot install mac version says binary file could not be executed, running snow leopard intel confused as no .dmg and the exe. does nothing…. any help would be greatly appreciated. major respect for your knowledge in the field and what your doing with it ::)) safe man

    • Andrejs says:

      Just move the AnarchyRhythms.vst file to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder. Then restart your host/sequencer application and then the plugin will be detected and available for immediate use.


  4. Really like what the Anarchy Rhythm plug in is all about!
    Would appreciate a manual or context help to more fully use it.

    • Andrejs says:

      Thanks, Richard! We’re still working on the manual at the moment, just need some more time for it. Thanks for your patience!


      • rspl says:

        yeah – what about that? ;) thanks in advance and already very much for the plug-ins! looking forward to trying them out!

  5. Tom Quick says:

    Holy s**t! Thank you so much – have dreamt of having this on Mac ever since I made the switch from PC 3 years ago. My favourite plugin is back!

  6. Conny says:

    Thank you so much! I have been missing this plugin since my switch to MAC in 2009!!

  7. jon says:

    Hi, I have been praying for a MAC version for so long!! My AU gets a fatal error when usued with Logic 8.. Still have yet to get it to work

  8. noa says:

    is there a way to save a selfmade preset..?

    and thanx this is for sure one of my favourites all time

    • Andrejs says:

      Hello and thanks for the cheers! If you want to save your self-made preset, including pattern and all related parameter values, you can do it in your host sequencer. For example, in Ableton Live use the little “Save Preset or bank” button, which is available in the device window. This should work for all plugins, not just Anarchy Rhythms and should be a standard sequencer feature.

  9. Peter says:

    Just found it some days ago and I felt in love with it :) I would love to know how could I automate the parameters (i’m using Live), would be awesome to use it in live performances also

    Great work guys! <3

    • Andrejs says:

      Hi Peter. We’re glad you are in love with Anarchy Rhythms! It’s currently already possible to automate all parameters per channel like Length, Feedback, Comb, Compression, Filter, OSC amount, Pan, Pitch, volumes, etc. via standard MIDI automation envelopes in Live. Currently it’s not possible to program patterns using MIDI. This may come up as a new feature in the future version.

  10. Diego says:

    Thank you very very much! Your plugins always come to be very useful, handy and source of creativity.

  11. Max says:

    Very very keen of you for choosing these particular plugins to work on. Thank you in a major way

    • Elida says:

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    • nov27 Thanks for another informative web site. Where else could I get that kind of info written in such an ideal way? I¡¯ve a project that I¡¯m just now working on, and I¡¯ve been on the look out for such information.

  12. Tom Quick says:

    First – Anarchy Rhythms, now – Anarchy Effects for Mac…this is like Christmas!
    Thanks so much fellas.

  13. Mag says:

    Unfortunately I cannot get the AU versions to validate in either LPX or Live 9 64bit… under 10.9.1. This applies to both the FX and AR plugins…

  14. Mark Hawkins says:

    Installed the AU version and couldn’t get any of the plugins to validate in Logic Pro X. Tried installing the VST version (single file) in case the AU versions needed the vst version/file. Still won’t validate. Ideas?

    • Andrejs says:

      Please download the update and see if it resolves your issues.

      • Mark Hawkins says:

        I downloaded After the install, all of the Effects AU’s validated in LPX except convoluter. I deinstalled and tried again with the same results.
        Rhythms didn’t seem to change so of course didn’t validate.


        • Mag says:


          Manually validate it.. in Logic’s AU Plugin Manager.. Convoluter along with the rest of the AE package validated ok for me…. but as you said the AR plugin still does not work… but that hasnt been updated yet.

          • Mark Hawkins says:

            Yes Logic’s AU Plugin Manager is what I did. Not sure why but that one did not validate but all the rest did.

          • Andrejs says:

            We just fixed Anarchy Rhythms AU plugin, and it should now validate properly.


          • Mark Hawkins says:

            Rhythms now validates via for me with LPX and Mavericks. Will be happy to test any updates to get convoluter to validate.

          • Gatis says:

            Hello Mark,
            Could You please go to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, open context menu (right mouse click) on “ConvoluterAu.component”, select “Get Info” and ensure that the value of “Version:” is “”

            One more thing You could try is manually removing this file (“ConvoluterAu.component”) and running the installer one more time.


  15. M. Thomasson says:

    I tried the Anarchy Effects bundle. The installer seemed to get hung. I moved it to the desktop and it seemed to work, but only Harmonic Adder could load. 10.6.8 Mac Intelw/ Ableton. Harmonic adder was very interesting. I’d love to try the others. Any thoughts?

  16. pirimaipolymer says:

    These effects are exactly what I’ve been after and have been missing on my MAC, Cheers

  17. Mike says:

    Only the Harmonic Adder is working with Mac AU. OS 10.6.8. I have seen others with this problem. Any fixes yet?

    • Andrejs says:

      Please download the update and see if it resolves your issues.

    • Jenny says:

      Mark, I very much enjoyed your interview with Lonnie Burr. Being in your age group I fondly and respectfully remember Lonnie’s talent as a Mouseketeer, dancer, etc. Also read and enjoyed Lonnie’s books and refer to them often. Keep up the good work. Oh, and thanks for the plug of my book, “Hollywood Ce!erbitiesl”

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks for coming on the mac :D
    Great plugins ;)
    Awesome job guys!!

  19. tue says:

    Neither vst or au work on OSX 10.7.5

    • Andrejs says:

      Unfortunately, we need more information. Please be specific: are there any error messages? What exactly does “neither VST or AU work” mean? What version of OS X and what sequencer/host software are you using?


  20. CJS says:


    Downloaded latest Anarchy Effects on Mac OSX 10.9.1, will not install.

    OSX Says developer not recognised and/or image not recognised.

    Thanks anyway.

    • Andrejs says:


      What host/DAW are you using?

      We just checked Anarchy Effects on Mac OS X 10.9.1 and they should install and validate properly. Perhaps, you should clear plugin cache?


  21. magnusstudio says:

    Thank you so much !

  22. halchamp says:

    Hy, Mister Genius,

    (or Mister and Mistrsss and Mister, most of the time in reality it is Synergy),

    I am from Germany.
    A lot of while back I´ve worked for Kurzweil-Musicsystems, both in Europe and also in Waltham MA..
    First of All and without heavy Questians, the most of your stuff for me,it is new and not for my manner in perspective an afford.

    My Questian is, why is it a problem for me to install the Audio Unit on my “Leopard”-Mac System ?
    Most People won´t change winnig Horses, so do I.
    Many Innovations end on the Fairground.
    Flexibility is the best thing to get popular.
    With many “Goodwill”, I´ve tried out the “Effects” AU (your “Effects AU”) on my 10.5 etc. Mac.
    Amazing for me, it mirrors your destination !.
    Don´t be shy and follow your destination, maybe I´ll get the Change to make your work, workable for Dynasaurs like me.
    Maybe this could be a challenge in and for your work & marketing.
    Maybe not, the free will rules !.

    (So not the worst like gambling)

    Innovation is maybe and sometimes “oldskool”, but not bad in taking Advantage of it.
    So I send hopefully my best regards in thankfullness to yours,

    Jens Dibowski

  23. halchamp says:

    Sorry for my destinated mail,

    i hpe your copyrightet name, rules for a Advantage.
    (I like Rebells the most).
    So maybe you appologize the spelling of “Question” as I did in the “new Time mode in the spelling “Questian”, it was the helpless trial of a nerd to get “Hip”.

    Against “ooldskool” from Germany.

    Stay free and alive !

    Jens Dibowski

  24. Taavi says:


    I have LogicPro 9.1.8. The plugins won’t show up in either 32 or 64bit mode. But I can see the components in library.

  25. van says:

    Great to see upgraded versions and 64bit of these. I
    accidentally bumped into this from a KVR newsletter and
    it made my day. Big ups for your work. What about Swarm synth, no love?

    Cheers and best to you both

    • Andrejs says:

      Hello Van, thanks for the cheers! Unfortunately, we do not possess the source code for the Swarm synth, so we cannot migrate it to modern platforms.

  26. e.n. kurth says:

    Thanks a lot for this, very generous!

  27. peter says:

    I am using AR as Audio Unit within Live 9.1.1 and experience the following problem:

    * with I can’t switch between the pattern – mouse clicks on the down/up arrows are ignored. I went back to and there it worked again. can others please check if they experience the same?

    * in Edit Midi Automation Map I can’t access “output volume” and “pattern change” with the mouse. when I click there it switches to the About view.

    * could you change the way the crossfader is implemented so that it can be added to the automatable parameters in Live? right now I can only automate it via midi cc envelope and it needs a very clumsy workaround to control the crossfader directly from a midi controller.

    thanks for bringing these plugins to osx!

  28. Tomer says:

    Soooo happy you brought this back to life, and glad those emails we exchanged a couple of years ago did give you some stimulation! (?).

    And to the guy who was looking for a way to sequence things with midi, perhaps he can use SugerBytes Thesys (is that how it’s called?) as a sequencer for automation. Will that work?

  29. Audio Nail a.k.a. Rick says:

    These plug-ins seriously kick %$#. Added to favorites and donating some $$$ asap. Especially the corkscrew and the spectral autopan.

  30. simon distorrtion says:


  31. Tokio says:

    hi could you please help me installing the plug-ins? :(

    Im using Macbook, OS X, ver 10.5.8, 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and Digital Performer 5(ver5.13).

    I installed both AU version of Anarchy effect and rhythm.
    they were seen in plug-in effect menu and i could choose them but window popped up is just blank except menu-bar on the top of window, however i could tweak some knobs on the blank window and i can hear the sounds are effected.

    regards and thank you

  32. Anatolyj says:

    Corkscrew and SpectralAutopan at the remove moment produce stable host crash.
    Win7 32bit \ DAW Studio One 2.6.2 \ AnarchyEffects_VST_1.5.0.3_32bit

  33. The Rumblist says:

    Thank you so much for porting this to Audio Unit….this is the one plug in I missed so much from my PC days, and I will be having a blast with this in Logic!

    You made my fucking day! :-)

  34. darti says:

    thanks heaps, great plugin

  35. Hans Meyzer says:

    Wonderful, thanks!

  36. Hanz Meyzer says:

    I think AnarchyRhythms still requires some kind of micro volume interpolation since it produces crackles like the original version. Can you add it? Try the fx e.g. on sine sounds.

  37. Aesthete says:

    Thank you for this!!

  38. don quixote says:

    thank you for this plugins! just have one problem.. AnarchyRhythms window size is not saved when i change to large. large size is just perfect but i have to change it everytime i click Anarchyrhythms :(

  39. Colin says:

    I have downloaded the Anarchy Rhythms AU Binary for Mac, but when I try to install it the .dmg file opens and shows the Convoluter plugin for installation, not the AnarchyRhythms.

  40. Screwed says:

    Guys I’m stunned, I just ran the vst installer, I suppose it was this one New in version, confusing as you stack them under and not over, however it installed and didn’t ask to authenticate, which it normally would if it overwrites the old versions, did it simply not install because it recognized that the same versions are already installed or did it install in some superweird place. However if so I just can’t find them hoping I don’t have to show hidden files to find them. I am using OS X 10.11.2, I don’t even want to try with the AU installer. If anyone could give me a hint as to what might have happened, oh yeah I use the standard system VST folder. I use VST to be Windows compatible depending the project, that’s why I always install both VST and AU. Cheers, very weird one this installer.

    • Admin says:

      Hi, we’ll try to investigate the issue you are experiencing. Note: we have not tested our plugins in Mac OS X 10.11.x though, so it’s possible they don’t work as expected in the newest Mac OS X.

      Perhaps, plugins are installed into /Users/YOUR-USER-NAME/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST, and not in the system folder (/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST)


  41. christian says:


  42. Mich C. says:

    Seems like all VSTs are not working with cubase 8.5 on EL Captain. Plugins are not listed in Cubase, even not in plug-in manager.

    Would be great to have them on my new system :)

    • Admin says:


      Sorry about the late reply.

      We tried running the latest versions under Cubase Elements 8 / Mac OS X 10.11.5 and they are working. Sadly, we do not have a license for Cubase 8.x, so we can’t test.

      Maybe the issue you are having is Cubase-specific? Have you tried running our plugins within another DAW?


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